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Toronto Vacant Home Tax – First Annual Deadline to Declare is February 2, 2023

The City of Toronto has implemented an annual tax on vacant Toronto residences in hopes to offer some relief to the current housing shortage, effective for the 2022 calendar year and payable beginning in 2023. The Toronto Vacant Home Tax (VHT) requires all Toronto residential property owners to submit a declaration of occupancy. Homeowners who choose to keep their properties vacant will be subject to this tax. Learn More

Tax Return Deadlines in Canada 2023

The deadline for the 2022 personal income tax return (without self-employment income) is May 1, 2023 (since April 30, 2023, falls on a Sunday). Any tax owing must also be paid by this date. Learn More

Holding Companies 101: A Guide

Being in the business, the term “holding company” or “HoldCo” very often becomes a topic conversation. But what does this term mean? What are the pros and cons of holding company? Is it right for you and your business? The following guide will shed some light on key concepts and strategic points you might want to consider before making a decision. Learn More
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